Exam update 1

Initially I wanted my first post to be something like an introduction or something spectacular but its not… oh well. I am doing my GCSE’s options and I wanted to write updates after exams to look back on it later especially on results day to compare my feelings on exams to my results. I have already completed my Drama exam in April which I think went alright since in the mock I got an A and I just hope that was reproduced or even improved on the real day. So here are some of the recent exams I did and how I felt they went.

Geography Contemporary Themes, OCR, Higher

So I went into the exam feeling prepared and ready as our teacher had gone through the stuff he thought was “absolutely completely 99%” going to come up so I revised those as my main bits as well as LUCKILY other topics in other areas. I went into the exam hall only to realize that 96% of the things we did in class as revision failed to appear and I was kinda bummed about that but I quickly got over it. I felt that even though it was a difficult paper I did fairly well on it, I was able to answer all the questions in the exam apart from a 2 mark at the very beginning, (nothing panics you like not knowing the answer to the first question!) and so I came out the exam feeling not MAJOR confident but a bit since I knew I could not have prepared more and I did my best. I was a little disappointed that evening until our teacher told us the next morning that THANKFULLY we were not the only ones who found it difficult therefore our grade boundaries will be lower which did put a smile on my face as I now know I do have a chance even if small of getting an A :)

Spanish Higher Listening and Reading, AQA,

The Spanish listening and reading was one that I thought I was gonna flop badly since I always got D’s and C’s (reading) or E’s and F’s (listening). To add to that I only started revising literally 3 weeks before the actual exam (great technique I know) and I was actually VERY surprised that the only thing you needed to know was VOCAB to get an A or even A* (Why did no one tell me this before?!!). In the past few weeks I felt that I did learn A LOT of vocab and I was proud of that even though it did kind of distract me from other subjects (which is why I am VERY grateful that it was my second first exam so that it has been officially completed!) It did manage to pay off though because in the recent mock I was able to get an A for both papers but to be fair we did get a little help on it (the lesson before we had learnt vocab for those specific papers). Nonetheless I think I did well on both paper to be honest and I don’t really wanna get my hopes up but I am hoping for a B, I am proud that I answered all the questions with worked out answers and intelligent guesses and I was even able to spot the tricks ;) So I am happy with this exam and feel it could not have gone any better as I did  my very best.

I have Biology, ANOTHER Geography (skills) and 2 English literature papers next week and I will be doing the second update next weekend to tell you how I thought those went.


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